Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baguette Represents

This is the first time Baguette has 
competed in the Race of Champions
Big shout-out to Conquest Racing driver, Bertrand Baguette, as he represents the IZOD IndyCar Series on the world stage in this weekend's Race of Champions in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Baguette makes his debut in the race, having been voted in via a public poll.

BB will attempt to put the IndyCar beat-down on such notable international drivers as Michael “Schumi” Schumacher, Sebastian “Wonder Boy” Vettel, and Alain “Crooked Nose” Prost.

Get all the details on the RoC here, and send the love to Bertrand via his twitter account here.

Tear it up, Mr. B.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Sarah:

If Hildebrand doesn't get snapped up
by Panther, he could be a great get for SFR 
Word on the street is you’re considering hanging up the helmet. Well, that’s a sad prospect, indeed.

Despite being recognized as a perennial most popular driver, I don’t think we’ll ever know the full impact of what your performance on and off track has done to develop and maintain interest in Indycar racing—especially during the “lean years.”

I know I speak for thousands of your peeps, when I say, I hope you race on well into the future; however, if you choose to step out of the car to manage the team and pursue some of the finer things in life, that’s cool—and admirable.

When that day comes, you certainly don’t need my help in choosing a driver for the ‘67’, but I thought I’d share with you the names of a few of my favorite shoes that are decidedly fast and destined to have very prosperous futures:

  • Former FILS Champ and he knows his way around the Speedway; three, count them, THREE Freedom 100 wins.
  • Formula BMW, A1GP, F3 Euroseries, Atlantics, and Lights; he’s traveled the world and done it all. IndyCar is the next step.
  • ’09 FILS Champ, A1GP, an F1 test, and a pair of IndyCar races already under his belt—he’s ready.  
There you have it, SF. Here’s hoping word of your impending retirement is greatly exaggerated…



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock on, “Thrilla” \m/

[Pffft... like it
needs a caption]
Every great rock star deserves a farewell tour; a final opportunity to take it to the people and figuratively hug it out with the fans.

One last chance to shred the ax and cast gaze over thousands of hands raised in silent, flame-wielding tribute before dragging their coke- and STD-riddled carcass back to the crib in Antigua.

And, so, with my requisite proclivity for naïveté, I choose to believe that IndyCar’s resident rock star will soon get the same chance to properly bid adieu.

Some brilliant marketing pro will wake up and recognize the epic opportunity that is, PT’s Farewell Tour, eh?[Arrivederci, Paul...” “Tracy’s Last Ride...” You decide]

When it comes to Indycar drivers, Paul Tracy is the last of a generation. A legend, not just for his 31 wins and ChampCar championship, but for his cool, Chrome Horn-wielding character.

So revered by his fellow competitors,
is Tracy, hes often the recipient of
spontaneous, heartfelt hugs
PT has nobly competed against anyone who is anyone in American open-wheel racing, over the past 20 years, and when he’s gone, so dies an irreplaceable link to IndyCar’s heritage.

A mega-deity, like Paul, doesn’t just do a few races a year and quietly fade away—he unleashes a season-long A-bomb full of AWESOME on the entire open-wheel community. The result? A face-melting mushroom cloud of splintered carbon fiber, shattered egos, and awestruck fans.

So, on behalf of those that worship at the alter of  The Thrill from West Hill,” I ask you, prospective partners, what’s not to love?