Sunday, December 6, 2009

Motorsport's Big Dog Throws US a Bone

It’s no wonder that with the United States’ lack of recent success in Formula One and seemingly contentious relationship with the same that many have given up all hope of revisiting the glory days of decades ago when Mario Andretti won his world championship. It’s more than understandable. Cheever, Sullivan, Michael, and Scott Speed were bitter disappointments, but I, for one, still hold out some measure of optimism.

No matter the circumstances behind their tests or scant likelihood Alex Rossi or J.R. Hildebrand could actually secure F1 drives, it was still a personal delight to see them representing the Stars and Stripes on the international stage. I wish them the absolute best in their quests to make it in the sport.

Granted, given the current state of affairs, witnessing an American winning Formula One races or a championship again may seem utterly implausible, but my take? As long as we still have a horse in the race, let’s root him on.