Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rahal Speaks with Andhesonit

Unfortunately, nothing like one of Jack Arute’s one-on-one gems that aired this past season on Versus, but in an extremely rare instance of acknowledgement by the outside world, Andhesonit did have a brief, but satisfying, Twitter exchange with The Graham Rahal—and, remarkably, we learned something.

Through Tweets posted by Rahal that indicated he was recently in the company of Chip Ganassi’s partner, Felix Sabates, et al, and on his way yesterday to Minneapolis (home base of Target), I wildly assumed Graham was a lock to partner Franchitti and Dixon at Ganassi’s IZOD IndyCar team... uh, no. Here’s the Twitter trail:


Am I the only 1 watching @grahamrahal? First seen with Sabates, now targeting a trip to Minneapolis. Hello @pressdog & @curtcavin?!


@andhesonit i can assure you Minneapolis isnt for Target. promise you that!

So there it is. Humbling proof I shouldn’t even be allowed to walk past an actual pressroom, but who cares? So I suffered a little Howdy Holmes brain fade and looked foolish in front of the masters, Curt Cavin and Pressdog, and all 12 of my Twitter followers. At least we know—for now—a Ganassi/Target deal is not imminent for Graham.

Stayed tuned to Andhesonit for more random acts of journalism.