Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Even While Down, Vision Takes Time to Give Andhesonit a Lift

It goes without saying that the folks at Vision Racing have their hands full, at the moment, functioning with minimal staff, while still trying to secure enough sponsorship to keep Ed Carpenter's IndyCar drive alive.

That's what makes the fact that those stoically holding down fort at their headquarters very generously found time today to make their nearly 3,200 Twitter followers aware of Andhesonit so astonishing. But I've learned in my brief time interacting with them and with others that also know their thoughtful character that this is nothing new.

There’s a reason why Vision has set the standard in the IZOD IndyCar Series for fan involvement and, today, I got to experience that firsthand.

Now that the dust has settled on another day at the word mill (that would be the day job), I would like to properly thank (in more than 140 characters) those at Vision for the awesome shout-out on Twitter today. It’s sincerely appreciated and, by the way, already reaping rewards: thus far, Andhesonit has received a 56% bump in Twitter followers, and we're staring the halfway point of our 100-follower goal menacingly in the face! Props to Vision, and welcome to all the new followers.

Given the events of today, it wouldn’t be just if I didn’t return the favor to Vision by mentioning their still ongoing "Letter of Recommendation" campaign. Full details can be found here
http://bit.ly/d2QlbI, but it’s as simple as jotting down a few lines of support for Vision and forwarding them on to the team—think of each letter as one more piece of ammunition they have available to them in the monumental battle to keep Vision on track.

I’m convinced, with their expertise and our support, Ed will be gassin’ it before we know it...