Friday, December 24, 2010

Just thanks...

Feliz Navidad from AHOI and
special guest photographer, Graham Rahal
I’m going to forfeit my Man Hard Card for just a moment to get all drippy and convey an overdue message.

The one-year anniversary of ...and he’s on it passed a few weeks ago without fanfare. Oh, I think I might have sent a tweet or two out about it, but it really deserves more than that.

On the eve of one of my favorite days on the calendar, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to extend a formal “thank you” to all of you for your support of this little endeavor of mine.

I like to say I dove into Twitter and started the blog with “eyes wide shut”—and thankfully so. Had I actually looked before I leapt and seen the über-smart and talented peeps that make up the virtual IndyCar world, I certainly would have talked myself out of the whole thing.

Because of the killer content that rolls off the keyboards of the IndyCar bloggers on a daily basis, that makes the “success”—if you can call it that—of ...and he’s on it that much more rewarding.

And the fact is AHOI would be NOTHING without its readers, so the credit goes to you, and deservedly so.

I could blather on about it, but let’s just say the blog and Twitter thing have become important to me. So thanks for helping to enrich my life and, in turn, I hope I’ve added a little something to yours by giving you a place to go and chat it up about what I consider to be the greatest sport in the world.

I raise a virtual toast to you and wish you and those you hold dear a very Merry Christmas and totally rad New Year—cheers!

Card back, please...