Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kentucky Speedway: How it All Went Down--Day 1

*touches fingers to keyboard; they shatter like candy glass*
The weather predictor says it's supposed to be sunny and 77 degrees, NEXT Saturday. Right. Shuttin' up.

Stellar day at the big bowl in the Bluegrass. Here's how it all went down--in random, unedited, unproofread blurts.

RAIN. Just a few drops on the windscreen as I hammered down I-71 toward Kentucky Speedway. It obviously didn't amount to anything, but was momentarily PANICKED.

The drive flew by, thanks to a little help from a Fat Man In The Bathtub and a Freebird. Ah, to be young again [adjusts Depends undergarment].

Arrived at the track in record time. Eased the CR-V into its spot, and kaBOOM, brush with greatness. R. Miller steps out of his rental next to me. Knew it was going to be a day to be remember.

Settled in. Bumped into @KimJackson of @FollowAndretti fame. Two words: lovely woman.

Strode out to pit lane to watch a bit of IndyCar FP1 and RUH-ROH, problem. Crackberry battery takes a crap, and phone SEIZES. Implemented "emergency half-hour drive back to Florence Y'all" to replace said battery. 25-minute wait, cell phone dude rummages through every drawer in store--nothing. PANIC. *Finally* turns up a second-hand battery that's completely flat (BONUS). Back in my sleigh, charging all the way to the speedway.

Stalked, met, and exchanged pleasantries with Paul Dalbey (@Fieldof33) of @MoreFrontWing fame. Kind gentleman.

Stumbled upon a nice-sized hole in the pit wall that an out-of-control car could either drive through and endanger those behind the wall, or cut a car in half. Me thinks it should be addressed.

Sought warmth, intermittently [insert my wife--and you--saying "WHAHH" here].

Nearing the end--you're welcome.

Wound up the day with an enjoyable exchange with THE Curt Cavin. Good man, and you know what? He took time out from interviewing qualifiers coming off track to chat with me--to boot, I'm nobody. BAM.

Couple random observations:
  1. Cars' paint jobs aren't in their usual flawless, gleaming brilliance. Why pay for paint with just a couple of races left?
  2. TK (P 19). Sato (P 22). Viso (P 23). KV canned their hot-shot engineer with multiple races to go in the season... O_o 
Finally, killer lineup for tomorrow. DON'T miss the action (Graham says three-wide possible). Race airs at 2:00 ET on Versus.

Thanks for reading and supporting AHOI, my friends. Till tomorrow--or later.