Monday, April 15, 2013

The Pass

My gammy and her Pacer Wagon can pass in Turn 5 at Barber Motorsports Park, but it takes wicked skills—and elephantine orbs—to do what Charlie Kimball did in Turn 13 (aka no-man's-land), last Sunday.

Behold, what future generations will simply refer to as The Pass.

Corner Entry: "I got this!"

Hounding Will Power (he's pretty good) for 4th, Chuck's going like STINK. Mortals would trail the leading car through this tight turn, but Super-K pulls out?! Wait, wha? Brake? wacky funster. 

Apex: "Whaddup, princess?"

Textbook. Fully alongside Power, Charlie owns everything but the mineral rights to Turn 13.
Message to Will: "Back. Off." [visualize Yosemite Sam mudflaps, here] 

Exit: "Merica."

[grabs tear-off...lets it flutter...lets it fly]

Most memorable overtaking maneuver I've seen in awhile...

Have we mentioned Charlie Kimball does a great deal of good for diabetes?


Editor's note: I am not a professional driving instructor. In fact, I'm not really anything, at all.