Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No Comparison

Following, is a list of the common elements of NASCAR and IndyCar racing:

  1. Both the NASCAR and IndyCar series are based in the United States

That's all... So, at last, can those that consistently look to NASCAR for inspiration in "saving" IndyCar please cease the practice?

Is NASCAR more successful than IndyCar? Yes. But NASCAR has built its fan base on a blend of racing and entertainment that's unique in the world. Good for them. 

The fact is, the vast majority of race series across the globe survive/thrive without using the NASCAR formula—whatever that is.

Why must we confine our search for useful tools to grow North America's premier open-wheel series to our own shores, just because it's familiar and easy? The answer is, we don't have to, and we shouldn't. 

If Formula 1 has a great idea, super. If V8 Supercars does, awesome. And if NASCAR incorporates an element that truly suits us, so be it. But, to me, that doesn't include the "entertainment" tools they lean on—you decide what those are.  

It's becoming increasingly less arguable that IndyCar has some of/the best racing on the planet. So perhaps some of our issues lie elsewhere.  

If you will allow me, I would like to end with a quote from the eminent English essayist, Sir Alex Lloyd, who once said, "Gimmicks don't grow a fan base. Better promotion does."