Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Right Call: Recycle an Old Cell Phone for Good

That old cell phone stuck in a shoe, in your closet. The charging cord that gets you tangled up in knots every time you open your junk drawer. What to do?

Responsibly recycle it, eliminate clutter, and help an awesome cause. The best part? You hardly have to do a thing—just bring it to the track.

Verizon, INDYCAR, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are announcing a HopeLine drive, for the month of May, to raise critical funds and awareness for domestic violence prevention. 

HopeLine from Verizon offers the public an opportunity to help prevent domestic violence by donating no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories—in any condition and from any carrier. Wireless phones given to HopeLine are refurbished and recycled in an environmentally sound way generating proceeds going toward financial support of domestic violence awareness and prevention programs. Verizon also donates phones through HopeLine–complete with service–to local domestic violence agencies or law enforcement agencies for use by domestic violence survivors. 

How to do it:

Just drop any unwanted cell phones and accessories at Indianapolis Motor Speedway gates 1, 3, 9 or 10-A, on the following days in May: 
  • Angie's List Grand Prix of Indianapolis, Saturday, May 9
  • Indianapolis 500 Qualifications, Saturday, May 16
  • Old National Armed Forces Pole Day, Sunday, May 17
  • Coors Light Carb Day, Friday, May 22
  • Indianapolis 500, Sunday, May 24
In return, a substantial HopeLine grant will be presented by Verizon to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence to immediately replenish its Emergency Housing and Transportation Survivor Fund.

Tweet a photo of your donation using the hashtag #VZHopeLineIN.

HopeLine from Verizon Statistics (since 2001):

  • 11.4 million+ phones collected nationwide
  • $29 million+ cash grants provided to domestic violence organizations
  • 190,000+ phones donated to domestic violence victims and survivors
You make the call. Let your old cell equipment languish in a drawer, or put it to good use.

You're a superstar!