Friday, August 2, 2013

Mid-Ohio Day 1: The reception was PANTS

For a dude that likes to tweet that's...uh...unfortunate. Saylavee.

Let's dispense with the formalities, and get right to it [we never have formalities].

Stream of consciousness observations from an American racing original: The Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Go home, Weather, you're drunk: Sun, clouds, spitting rain, wind...but it all went off. YEA.

Key viewing spot: The Keyhole. Not only can you see a nice chunk of track, the height of the viewing mound provides a glorious peek at the stellar Ohio landscape, as a backdrop.

Watch out for the Gators! In keeping with its rural location, Mid-O uses ATV Gators, hauling people wagons, as their shuttle vehicles. Earthy.

Freshen-up: MO needs one. And that's all I'll say about that.

Own it: Saw Kim Green of Green/Savoree fame (proprietors) on site... See above. 

Fan me: Saw several peeps sporting Mid-Ohio T-shirts, etc. Much like IMS, lots of fans of the track. I love that.

"INSIDE": ...Turn 1--another nice area to take it all in.

Stalking victims: A few random celebs we saw. Geoff Brabham (Matthew's dad), Plowey, Conor Daly, and PIPPA.

Did you know? Indycars have convex mirrors? I didn't. At a minimum, Graham has them  on here...

Stacked: Graham Rahal's team has everything in place to be successful.

Nationwide is on MO's side: Pleased to see a company of that stature have such a nice presence on the grounds. Headquartered in Columbus? Not certain.

TGIF: The best day to go to a race track, in my opinion. Plenty of action, not so many of your fellow fans. BOOM.

Rare bird: One of the nice things about Mid-Ohio is that you have a lovely view of the pits from above. Maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be an excess of males panting--er, observing--Hinchtown's pit. Winky face.

Unique whips: Sam Schmidt has a badass wheelchair--trimmed in livery bits from Pagenaud's car. 'Nuff said.

Watch and learn: Incredible what you can see and absorb by just watching the activity in the pits. Next time you're at the track, stand in one place for awhile. You won't regret it.

Thanks to Jessie Ghiorzi and the staff at Mid-Ohio: Tzit.

Like a kid again... Get a wicked buzz out of seeing kids excited about meeting and getting an autograph from an accommodating IndyCar driver. It's just cool.

The bromance is OVAH: Well... at least, it has changed. Against my will, I pressed the flesh with Graham Rahal, today. Frankly, I don't know how to proceed. To be continued...

All I got. As always, thank you for reading.

Stay tuned...