Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mid-Ohio Day 2: The reception was BETTER THAN YESTERDAY

Those of you that follow us on Twitter know that. Couldn't get any pics out, but saylavee.

Editor's note: Alcohol is being consumed during this writing--exercising Citizen Journalist Privilege. BOOM.


Means Street: If you've ever suffered a moment of Brain Fade and thought Chip, Roger, Michael, Graham, H3lio, et al, were just regular Joes, take a stroll down Motor-home Row (where you can, here, but you can't at Indy). STRONG.

I'm no Curt Cavin... But if the size of today's crowd on the mounds is any indication, you'll be fighting for elbow room, tomorrow. Nice. Yeah, Honda, blah, blah, blah...

#TheBoys: They work their arses off, and I don't miss my little foray a smidge, from that perspective.

It's a keeper: The fans love Mid-O, the drivers love it, too. We'll see how it plays on the telly, tomorrow, but I hope it's around for a long, long time.

It's not a hill, it's a HOLE: Pit #24, at the far end of pit road (Barracuda), is the short straw. Incredible elevation change and a distinct disadvantage. Sure the others near it aren't a lot better, but I was amazed. Luca's gonna need to deliver a clutch performance. Winky face.

What We'll Be Watching
  • When engine changes happen after qualifying, it's ridiculously hard to follow because of the penalties, but... If H3lio--your points leader--rolls off last-ish, tomorrow, instead of 15th, does he take a haircut in points with Dixie (2nd in points) starting 3rd, where he can easily kiss the grass--or whatever they do here?
  • Ryan "I was born in America" Hunter-Reay nabs pole. 3rd in points, can he turn the trick and make a magical run for the championship, like he did last year?
  • Shout-out to Charlie's boys, Charlie, and the entire Ganassi organization. He stuffs it, they thrash, think better of it and go to the spare in time for qualifying, where he makes the Fast 6 and whoops up on his teammate, Dario, settling for 5th.  
  • Speaking of the Franchen-monster, he was more than a wee bit miffed after quals. With the year he's having (P7 in points), I seriously hope it isn't dragging down his desire to race--I want to see him race for as long as possible. My personal opinion.
  • I love me some, Tag, but I also enjoy a good underdog story. Luca Filippi isn't from around these parts, but he's shown early speed in his debut IndyCar weekend. Nothing would make me happier than to see him mow down the field. Forza Italia.
Five and five--seems like a good place to stop.

Don't worry about television ratings, don't fret over the number of passes, or even if your fave shoe doesn't have such a stellar day. Relax. Enjoy tomorrow's race.