Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm not who you think I am!

I'll make this short. I've been living a lie. A lie in name only, I suppose, but a lie, nonetheless.

See, when I dove blindly into the Twitter/blog thing, I fancied the idea of using a pseudonym to keep my identity concealed from my current and any future employers. 

Call it old school, but I just didn't want The Man judging me on something I might say outside my cozy cube, so "Johnny Montona" was born.

Ruh-roh, problem. Fact is, I NEVER expected to meet anyone, non-digitally, as a result of being on the blog or Twitter—but I did. Even though I would give them my actual first name, it just felt awkward. And the more peeps I interacted with, the goofier it got.

Time to come clean. And, BTW, it's not like I just drew a name out of a hat—I actually thought about it. "Johnny" was my grandfather's moniker—he, along with my father, took me to Indy "Time Trials" for the very first time—and "Montona" just happens to be the hometown of one Mario Andretti. I digress.

I'm still not comfortable coughing up my whole identity, so all you're going to get is my first name. Ready? Are you sure? Super sure? Okay-----------> "Chris."

A little disappointing, maybe, that it's not something exotic like "Eduardo," but it is what it is.

K. It's done. Movin' on. And, BTW, if any of you feel "cheated," first of all you can SUCK IT. Second, you're entitled to a full refund! :P

Glad we could have this time together, friends.