Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Revealed: Connect with IMS and the '500' the way you never have before

Props to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway--one of the sporting world's oldest institutions embracing something as newfangled as the Social Media Garage.

What the hell is it? Why, I'm glad you asked. Full deets can be found on the official Social Media Garage web page, but here's the gist: Located just south of the IMS Pagoda, in the Formula 1 garages, it's a place for fans (read: you) to connect with other like-minded peeps; participate in interactive Facebook, Twitter, and SMS contests; get exclusive access to driver interviews; and much, much more. 

Hey, one other note: it's FREE--and an absolute must if you're on the IMS grounds virtually anytime during the qualifying and race weekends. Look at it this way. No need to wait for a tweetup to pop up--there's always one happening in the Social Media Garage!

By the way: If it's an enticement, we'll be there! Along with a gaggle of other fine gents that blog it up for the love of the IZOD IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis 500. Shout-out to them here: Eric Hall (@Erock_in_Indy anotherindycarblog.com)...Zachary Houghton (@indycaradvocate indycaradvocate.com)...Mike Knapp (@15daysinmay 15daysinmay.com)...Mark Wilkinson (@NewTrackRecord newtrackrecord.com).

Special thanks to IMS and the SMG Crew for the invite to participate--a surprise and sincere honor.
Right. What to do next: Hit up the SMG link at the top of our homepage, tune up the smartphone, and head out to the greatest race course on the planet, early and often.

See you in the Social Media Garage!