Friday, May 18, 2012

Notes from the Cathedral of Speed: Day 2

Typically I'm in bed by now, so adjust your expectations accordingly, please. Random stuff. HIT IT.
  • I'm old...
  • WHOA. How 'bout that Marco? Amurika!
  • I stood 5' from Wade Cunningham, today, and watched him fish a mic cord out of his fly for what seemed like an eternity.
  • Not sure @TheMiniChad really exists
  • I'm currently nursing a Sierra Nevada Torpedo. BOOM.
  • EVERYONE I've met over my first two days at the Speedway is kick-ass awesome.
  • Shout-out to Chris Sheridan of
  • I reckon TJ Patrick likes open-wheel better than stawk caars. At the track, again, today.
  • First day in the Social Media Garage--a delight. Wonderful people, all. And Cassie Conklin and her crew are taking good care of us.
  • $3 for a Sharpie?
  • I'm stalking The Race Girl, Brie Rentz, and Wade Cunningham. I better introduce myself--it's getting a little creepy.
  • The Speedway needs a little spruce up.
  • Donald Davidson looked me square in the eye, today. A brush with greatness.
  • Tomorrow will be awesome--no matter what happens.
  • I hunt and peck.
  • I believe an American has his best shot at winning the Indianapolis 500 since Sam did it in 2006.
  • AA is on a comeback at IMS.
  • "Got a feeling" about the race.
  • The alarm will go off too early in the a.m.--but I don't care.
  • You humble me that your reading this.
I think we're done here. Let's chat again, tomorrow, shall we?

Night-night, race fans.