Saturday, May 26, 2012

Notes from the Social Media Garage, Legends Day edition

This'll be short, 'cause I know that's how you like it.

Let's get right to it--random stuff:
  • My contention: Grass roots fans--those into sprints, midgets, and silver crown WILL follow their driver--a Clauson, Carpenter--into IndyCar. Let's take advantage of it.
  • Pizza Hut thin crust rawks.
  • Marshall Pruett called me a "good man," today. I like that.
  • I will destroy my second can of sunscreen tomorrow.
  • Lucas Oil Raceway is ginormous.
  • One man's opinion says tomorrow's Indianapolis 500 Mile Race will be...ahem...EPIC.
  • Currently listening to
  • The gubment is still predicting 95 big ones, tomorrow. Please take precautions.
  • Everyone should meet Pippa Mann.
  • Meeting Helio freaked me out.
  • Currently milking (See what I did there?) a Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA. Wish they were located in Cincy, not Cleveland.
  • If you're on the grounds, you NEED to stop by the Social Media Garage. Lots going on.
  • Flat-out rooting for Mike (Andretti), tomorrow. He (quietly) does a shit-load for the sustainability of IndyCar. Can you say every rung of the Mazda ladder?
  • Unquantifiable thanks to the Mrs. for allowing me to be absent, mentally and physically.
  • Blown away every day that nearly 1,000 peeps actually choose to listen to me. LOL. Thanks!
  • This isn't as short as I intended. 
  • The IndyCar fandom sweet spot is in the middle... my opinion.
  • Morning will come too soon, but I don't give a flying @#$%&! It's the Indy 500 and I'll rest when I'm taking my eternal dirt nap.
  • The Social Media Garage should make a triumphant return, next year--better than ever. 
  • The Carb Night Burger Bash is awesome, and all those involved should be commended for doing it.
  • Briefly met Lindy Thackston, yesterday. Lovely.
  • HUGE thank you to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for allowing me to be a part of the Social Media Garage.  
  • Immeasurable thanks to my dad for introducing me to American open-wheel racing.
K. I think we're done here, yeah?

One last thought. Everyone within the sound of my voice, please have a safe and ridiculously awesome day, tomorrow.

Let's do this.