Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Notes from the Cathedral of Speed: Day 1

Po-po could pinch me any minute for BUI, so if there's a sudden interruption in service...
I can BS a little bit, but no bull. Today was as good a day as this dude can have. Wandering the grounds at IMS--by myself--on a day when there aren't too many peeps there is simply magic for me. K. Nuff said.

Right. Let's get to it. Random observations from a hack blogger:
  • If you hit the Speedway before Memorial Day, be sure to visit the Lids shop, just south of the Pagoda. Lots of rad (heart you JR) stuff.
  • Met my first bona fide IndyCar driver (in recent history, let's say), today: Pippa Mann. Lovely, in every respect. And if '500' drives were awarded on sheer want, top of the pylon, baby. BTW: proper recognition to her for pounding the and not sitting at home waiting for "the call."
  • Hope you like the random, captionless Twitter pics, 'cause that's how we roll.
  • Good for (barefoot) Lady Kate. Now, baby steps.
  • Elaine Irwin is still magnificently beautiful. Suck it, Jay.
  • And the award for having an entire brigade's-worth of peeps make up their crew goes to--wait for it--Panther Racing. O-M-G.
  • Male or female, I'm in love with the mystery person manning Fan Force United's (Sound more like a football [soccer] team?) Twitter account. Badass working the keys, right there. And I WILL meet you, whoever you are!
  • Touchy, touch-screen, DROID keyboard is forcing me to tweet less. You're welcome.
  • Josef... Cockiness catching up to him? Won't judge.
  • If you're a new follower or reader, you ROCK. And thanks.
  • Everyone's taller on TV.
  • Saw Mr. Tony George DE-nied entry to pit lane, because he didn't have his creds on him. AWKWARD. He did NOT say, "Do you know who I am?!" He consoled himself by doing an about face back to the garage area and chatting up Mr. Roger Penske.
  • The #SMGarage is sadly quiet, now, but you, me, and the boys are going to LIGHT. IT. UP.
  • Funny moment: James Hinchcliffe enters his pit area, and a handful of his boys say, "Hey, Hinch," and point to their imaginary wrist watches. Chuckles all around. For the record, he was chatting up the fans, but I think he might have been late, regardless. :) He's won his boys over, and his personality is contagious, obviously. 
  • Met up with @SteveWittich. Canuck, good guy, and knows his shit. Give him a follow.
  • Also made the acquaintance of one @CurtisBoggs (Wearing a Sage Karam "T." BAM.) and two of my new roomies in the Social Media Garage: Eric Hall (@Erock_in_Indy) and Mark Wilkinson (@NewTrackRecord). Fine gents, all. Look forward to spending more time with them.
Uh... I think we're done here.

Thanks for reading, friends. Until we meet again--soon.